Tuesday, 21 February 2017

GTW UK - Rubber Tracks 2017

Global Track Warehouse UK
Welcome to Global Track Warehouse UK – Home of World Known J’Track.

Rubber Tracks:
If your machine is running on rubber tracks
GTW UK is your answer for replacement tracks.

Manufacturer for OEM rubber tracks and replacement tracks.
Over 16 locations across the world with 2 operational factories, selling and building rubber tracks for Agricultural to Dumper to Excavator.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

GTW UK - Track Maintenance

Rubber Track Maintenance:

Ensuring maximum life for your GTW J’Track & Pads

Whilst full attention to detail goes into the design and production of our revolutionary J’Tracks & Pads, we advise you to follow some of the following precautions to maximise the lifetime of your track:
  • Avoid premature wear or damage to your track caused by unsuitable working environments such as rocky terrain, gravel, concrete demolition, metal debris etc.
  • Machinery should always be operated with caution, rubber tracked or padded equipment will not only have a longer life but you will also gain optimum performance for your track/pads.
  • Exposure to contaminants such as salt or oil should be avoided and cleaned off immediately if track/pads are exposed.
  • Always check your drive system components to see if they need replacing, prior to fitting a new track.
  • Always try to maintain clean drive components thus avoiding damage from foreign substances or mud.
  • To reduce the aging process try to minimise exposure to the sun. Normal operating temperature ranges between 0°C to +25°C. Reduce speed under extreme temperatures if necessary.
  • Monitor track tension on a regular basis. (Rubber tracks)
To avoid unnecessary wear of track/pads and drive components always:
  • – Alternate turning from one side to another.
  • – Travel with both tracks on a level surface.
  • – Drive up or down a slope instead of traversing.
  • – Avoid making spin or pivot turns.
  • – Avoid striking concrete curbs or walls with the sides of the track/pads
  • When purchasing either ramps for loading your tracked equipment, or purchasing new tracks/pads for your existing ramp always try and ensure the design allows for minimum damage to your tracks/pads.
  • – Make sure the width of your ramp (if applicable) allows for clip on pads. (Eliminates any damage to your ramp and pads)
  • – Cross member supports are sufficiently spaced to eliminate catching or pinching of tracks/pads.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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Contact GTW UK today for top quality replacement tracks for all makes and models of tracked machines.

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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

GTW UK Rubber Track Stock

UK Rubber Track Stock

GTW UK have now got over 2500 rubber tracks in stock all with next day delivery across the UK, from sizes of 150mm wide up to 800mm wide. Contact today and deal direct with the manufacturer to get a high quality track at competitive market prices.
Contact today 01258-820066.
Deal Direct with the Manufacturer and buy quality at good market prices.